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2023 Most Viewed Blog Posts

The top 10 most viewed blog posts of 2023 for Jeni Jo Photography.

10. Ava Blyth

Despite the freezing and windy day, we had such a blast together! It was so cool finally getting to see Smith Rock in person and Ava & Freckles were the most photogenic pair. View her full session here.

9. Wardrobe Styling Tips for an Editorial Look

I'm so happy to see so many of my educational blog posts on the top 10 this year! Read this full post here.

8. My #1 Tip for Photo Day

Hmmm, I wonder what it could be. None of these photos have anything to do with it, haha. Find out here.

7. Ruby Gunderson

I always love shooting with Ruby! This evening with her and Blake was so fun. View her session here.

6. Alina

These are still some of my favorite photos ever, and one of my favorite shoots ever, too. I can't wait to see Alina again, finally, next year! View this 2020 session here.

5. My Favorite Locations in WA for Equestrian Portrait Sessions

My home state has some pretty amazing photo spots. Find out my favorite WA locations, here.

4. My Top 5 Grooming Tips

I'm so glad everyone likes my educational posts so much!! View this one here.

4. 5 Makeup Tips for a Classy & Professional Horse Show Look

Another one of my 2020 posts, this one continues to be a hit every year! View it here.

3. Kenzie Rogers

Kenzie is another 2020 session. Very popular blog post every year- most likely because they're very popular Pinterest photos! View her full post here.

2. Top Tips on Mane & Tail Growth

I can't believe this post continues to be a top 3 year after year, since 2018!! View the full post here.

1. My Favorite Colors to Pair w/ Each Color of Horse

My top viewed blog post of the year! Read the full post here.


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