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Wardrobe Styling Tips for an Editorial Look

One of my absolute favorite things to do as a primarily equine photographer is combine equine & fashion photography. So much so that I even offer a specific package catered to equestrians who want to be featured in a magazine with their own fashion editorial. Plus, I taught a class for photographers within The Equine Photography Academy on how to get work published. Styling is one of the many aspects that goes into planning an editorial shoot, and while in some ways it's similar to planning for a portrait shoot, there a few other things to keep in mind!

Casey Temple featured in Cowgirls in Style Magazine

Start with Inspiration

Before you can even think about shopping, you must have a vision for your outfits. You'll need to consider the mood, theme, season, and setting of your photoshoot, and choose outfits that will fit in with these elements. Gain inspiration from fashion magazines, Pinterest, and social media to get ideas for outfits that you might want to recreate with your own flair.

Lauren Raggio featured in Poza Magazine

Mix & Match

A lot of wardrobe stylists will mix high and low fashion. Don't be afraid to pair designer pieces with more affordable items like thrifted vintage or used from fast fashion brands (I hate to recommend buying new from fast fashion, but if it's a necessity for the vision of your shoot, do as you wish). This can help you create a unique and interesting look that reflects your personal style. Be sure to keep in mind a lot of magazines don't allow the same brand x amount of times within one editorial. Plus, magazines usually have a minimum number of outfits requirement so make sure that info is noted in the planning process.

Soli Brinkman featured in Shuba Magazine

Keep it Horsey

Remember you'll have your horse in the photos with you, so still keep functionality in mind- if you plan to sit on your horse for one or more of the looks, plan your bottom half around that. It depends on the theme and overall vision for the shoot, but consider adding in horse related pieces like equestrian-inspired jewelry, boots, hats, or other accessories. Lastly, remember to keep in mind the color of your horse when sourcing inspiration & purchasing pieces.

Overall, the key to finding the perfect editorial outfits for your photoshoot is to have fun with it and be willing to experiment. The outfits play a massive role in how the photos turn out, but there are also other factors like lighting, posing, and editing that the photographer will take care of; plus a good hair & makeup application by a professional MUA.

Does all this outfit styling chat leave you feeling inspired? Contact me to book your own equestrian editorial shoot!


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