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My Favorite Locations in Washington for Equestrian Portrait Sessions

My favorite locations in Washington for your equestrian portrait session

My opinion on locations is: the more unique, the better! But I know hauling your horse isn't always an option, so that's why the first location is...

Your Barn

Your barn: the outdoor arena, the barn itself, pastures, or the driveway

The barn entryway, the driveway, any pastures, outdoor arenas, ponds, or open fields are all options that could be used at your horse's own barn. I especially love shooting in outdoor arenas that haven't been watered, so we get lots of dust (not nice to breathe in, but makes for really pretty pictures!)

Even if you may think your barn isn't the prettiest, I will find the best light and create magical photos with any backdrop! Lighting is almost always more important than the actual background. But why not have both if you can?

Public Parks

Ancient Lakes, photos by Rachel Reilly

*The above photos are of me & my family taken by Rachel Reilly Photography.

There are a few really cool public parks that allow horses in Washington. Ancient Lakes is where I got my own photos taken last year and it's truly one of the coolest backdrops! Another is Sun Lakes / Dry Falls State Park- I've been there several times but I have yet to take a horse to... I'm hoping someone will help me make that happen soon!

Sand Dunes

We all know I love sand dunes, after all I've shot at 5 different sand dunes across 3 states. The two best ones in Washington are the Moses Lake Sand Dunes and White Bluffs. White Bluffs does take a little bit of riding to get to it, but it's 100% worth it.

Bodies of Water

I've actually never shot at the ocean in Washington (I'm not sure if I've ever been to a Washington beach, actually?) but I do love the Columbia River in East Wenatchee! I also loved shooting at the Wenatchee River in Leavenworth. Winchester Wasteway is another great spot, it's where you'll see me swimming with the horses if you watch my Instagram stories in the summer!


Another one that we all know I love. I've shot in 10 different cities across the country and I can't quite pick a favorite. Spokane is special because it was my first city, but I really love the small town feel of Soap Lake... but also thought Wenatchee and Leavenworth were a ton of fun! I loved the variety of buildings in Snohomish. Seattle tbh I do not recommend, that one is a once in a lifetime experience for me!

Ready to book your own session with me at a location I listed or somewhere new? Reach out to get started!


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